Setting Appointments with Final Expense Leads

Outbound telemarketing is a popular means for insurance agents to reach out to consumers in need of final expense or burial insurance.

A loved one’s death can be a trying experience for most people.  Dealing with the financial expenses tied to funerals is often the last thing anyone wants to confront.  To alleviate these concerns, insurance companies have created final expense policies.  Now that you have the tools to help consumers face these uncomfortable issues, you must get the message out to your target market. 

A good place to start an insurance appointment setting campaign is to acquire a database of pre-qualified final expense leads, develop a Script, and launch your campaign with a quality telemarketing service.

It’s easy for people to get so swept up in lifestyle routine constraints that will avoid and delay important and uncomfortable subjects like final expense, instead focusing on more tangible and easy concerns.  Funerals, burials, and final expenses can be an uncomfortable subject to discuss.  It is important for appointment setters to not be imposing, intrusive, or unsympathetic.

Educating consumers about both the financial and personal value that accompanies final expense policies is paramount.  By setting up an outbound appointment setting campaign, you can schedule meetings with prospects who are a good fit for these types of policies.

Many consumers have the false impression that their estates will automatically pay for their final burial expenses.  The reality is that it can be months before a typical estate completes the probate process.  During probate, families will not have access to inherited funds, and are often forced to personally pay for burial expenses.

When speaking to a final expense lead, present your prospect with sufficient time to confide about issues, and exactly how they affects her and her family. Walk her all the way through her dilemma, asking her to go through it and determine how the situation will affect her family. You should not hasten commitment, but being attentive to your consumer enables you ask the proper  incisive marketing questions at the best point in time. This enables you build a honest relationship and lead your buyer emotions onto the correct path.


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