Self Discipline is the Key to Appointment Setting Success

Appointment setting and lead generation are essential activities for any salesperson. Regardless of how good your personality is, or how good of a closer you are, none of that will matter if you don’t have enough leads and appointments to go to work with. And yet, building and maintaining a sales pipeline is a constant challenge for appointment setters everywhere.

Appointment setting is important. You already know this.  You also know that you can not survive without performing it successfully. So why do so many salespeople tie themselves up in activities that are counterproductive and inhibit their ultimate level of success?

To begin, you need to identify prospects and then set appointments with them specifically where your product sales or marketing experts can meet him personally.

Successful appointment setters will need plenty of self-discipline. To be consistently productive, you simply want to commit yourself to your sales career on a fixed, normal schedule and be accountable to it.

1. Get plenty of rest during the week.  While you may not be able to get a full eight hours of sleep every night, you should try to get as close as possible.  Grab sleep when you can.

2. Cut down on TV time.  Quit wasting away hours on end watching reruns.  The time you save scanning through commercials on your DVR should mean less time in front of the tube – not just more shows to watch.

3. Limit alcohol consumption.  Cut down your intake to weekends and client facing conferences and seminars.  Drinking during the week will lessen your performance, and make work seem harder than it really is.

4.  Establish calendars beforehand. Nobody really wishes for you to spend an entire day at an appointment – not you, your propect, your boss, or your wife. Stick to a blueprint, and know exactly what you want to accomplish.  This can help you determine just how to stay at that session.

5.  Don’t expend unnecessary time traveling. Without a doubt, one of the causes that appointments gobble up chunks of our calendars is the requisite of travel. You can limit time plans by advising that you connect at your own offices, meet up in the middle, or completely avoid gathering in a live setting by video conferencing.

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