Referrals are Manna from Appointment Setting Heaven

To improve your B2B appointment setting efficiency, you must master the art of generating referrals.  Salespeople who generate large numbers of referrals almost always outperform their competition.  Appointments with prospects to whom you’ve been referred are typically the best opportunities to close a sale as the prospects are already pre-qualified. They got your name and information from someone they trust. A fundamental pillar of sales is that customers buy from salespeople they trust.  Plus, by meeting with a referral, you will have far fewer objections and rebuttals to overcome.  It is critical for you to capitalize on these golden opportunities. 

That said, letting up and taking the appointment for granted is a big mistake.  The economy is still a little sluggish, and you can rest assured that you are competing with several other vendors.  Prepare for your meeting just like you would any other.  Schedule abundant planning and preparation time. Get plenty of rest, iron your shirt, and review your referral’s company information.  Make time for a fifteen minute crash session prior to your meeting to brush up on important details.  Don’t make your referral go out of his way to access information about your company or speak to you either.

First, it is necessary who the ultimate decision maker is. Sometimes your referral won’t be the ultimate decision maker, so don’t be afraid to ask.  This means asking and inviting the person who is responsible for making buying decisions to join the appointment. If you spend all of your time discussing the purchase with anyone else, you are wasting your time.

Be persistent even after the meeting concludes.  Scheduling a few minutes following an engagement sees to it that you are going to have the time to make sure your insights are complete.  Remove any and every obstacle your referral might face when trying to reach you.  Tell your receptionist to prioritize calls coming from referred clients.  Clients who were referred will be more likely to return the favor and refer you to others.

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