Pre-Qualified Leads vs. Telemarketing Lists

There are many things to consider when kicking off an appointment setting campaign.

  • What kinds of individuals or companies are you targeting?
  • Who are the decision makers?
  • How skilled are your appointment setters?
  • How much will your project cost?

Additionally, you must think about the project size, scope, and ultimate goals you are trying to reach, and draw up a basic plan. Once you have drawn up a general plan of action, you must make some basic tactical decisions including what type of list you want your appointment setters to call. If you don’t already have a database of internally generated leads, you must decide whether you wish to purchase pre-qualified leads, or simply a list of relevant contacts.

Lead Aggregators

Companies like BuyerZone and Resource Nation sell leads generated through their own SEO and pay-per-click marketing programs.


Filling out these lead forms takes time, so these leads are likely to have some level of interest. The aggregation companies regularly scrub their lists for quality, and offer refunds should you discover that the leads are “junk”.


The leads you purchase will also be simultaneously sent out to at least five other competing companies in your niche.

List Brokers

There are multitudes of telemarketing list brokers who can provide names and contact info of individuals who meet a certain criteria. For instance, if you are looking for home mortgage prospects, list brokers can cultivate a regionally targeted list of individuals whose credit score improved to a certain extent over a given time period.


Your contacts will represent fresh opportunities. You will probably be the only company calling and have the opportunity to get your foot in the door first.


These contacts are far less qualified than those of lead aggregators from a sales perspective. They may not be interested, and the contact information is less likely to be accurate.

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