Insurance Appointment Setting

Insurance appointment setting is one of the most frequently outsourced types of outbound telemarketing. This is due in part to the large scale and scope of insurance products available, and the ubiquitous demand that accompanies them. Outsourcing appointment setting can be a fantastic way for even seasoned insurance professionals to boost their output. 

To set qualified appointments, you must engage your potential customer in a meaningful discussion, and identify whether or not he matches your pre-determined conditions for a suitable prospect, and is worth your time to pursue.

Formulate a clear objective for your appointment setting project. This can direct you when picking the ideal company or telemarketer for you. You can present them the list of details and objectives that you would like them to handle, or the sought after end result that you expect from them. Furthermore, it is best to select the company that has at a minimum some expertise in the insurance field.

Remember, the initial goal of a cold call is to awaken the interest for basic insurance related information and establish a permanent contact, not to close a sale for your product or service.

Procure a list of contacts that could be strong prospects for insurance.  The type of list you will need will depend on the form of insurance you sell.  Consumers seeking out medicare supplement or final expense insurance, might not be the same as those in need of automobile or life insurance.  Research the demographics for the type of insurance you sell, and secure a customized and appropriate list.

Build a simple and friendly script for your telemarketer to use when placing calls.  Keep it short and sweet, and avoid sounding overbearing or intrusive.  Proper openings can include simply verifying information, and determining level of need or interest.

When effectively harnessed, insurance appointment setting can get you to where you need to be  by bettering sales and marketing optimization, by enhancing both lead and selling costs, and subsequently, increasing your paychecks.



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