HVAC Telemarketing Script

Hi ____________, this is _______ calling from ABC Air Conditioning Services.  I’m calling because we will be in your neighborhood doing some work this week, are providing free estimates for heating & air conditioner cleaning and repairs to people in the area.

If Yes:

Great!  Just let me verify your information:

  • I have your name as ______
  • and your address is _______
  • and the best number to reach you is ________
  • What is the best time for you on (day of appointment)?

Common Rebuttals:

  • There is no obligation, we are simply giving free estimates.
  • Now that the weather is cooling off, this is the best time for a quote. Prices are highest when the weather is hottest.
  • While we’re there, we’d be glad to assess your heating system to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Well, ______Thank you for your time, and just as confirmation, we will stop by on (appointment time)  to check out your ____ and give you an estimate if anything needs to be done.  Have a good one!


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