Homeowners & Auto Insurance Script

Hello is ……………. there? Hi Mr./Ms. ………….. This is……………..
with ABC Insurance. How are you doing today? Great.
We have an office here in _______ and have been saving
people in your neighborhood money on both their Auto and Home
Insurance and would like to extend that offer to you.

I just need a little information from you so that I can have an Agent put together a Free Quote. Do you have a few minutes?

Response 1: No Thanks

Rebuttal: I am not trying to sell you anything. I just want to make sure
you are receiving all the discounts that are available. It will only take a few
moments and there is a good chance we can reduce your insurance bills.

Response 2: Yes

What is a good time for an Agent to get back to you with your Quote?

I will have an agent contact you then. Thank you for your time!

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