Home Energy Script

Hello _____, my name is ____with ABC Company. Our company is
actively working in the area to help homeowners determine if their home
insulation systems, windows and water heating, as well other areas of the home
meet department of energy recommendations.

Are your utility bills averaging more than _____? Yes? We can cut costs.

Do you know if you have enough insulation in your attic and what type it is? The
department of energy recommends a minimum of r30 or about a complete foot
of insulation.

We offer a free inspection while we are in the area. If you do not meet current
doe specs, our technical rep John Doe will offer you solutions.

We have evening appointments open in your neighborhood , what about
tomorrow night…7? Great! Oh . By the way, while John is there he will explain
how Product X can give your home a feeling of well being and
save you more money in the process.

Will Mrs. Doe be there as well? Good, because the information is very helpful and
John likes to spend time with both homeowners interested in cutting energy costs.

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