Final Expense & Burial Insurance Script

Hello, may I speak with ____________?  This is ________, and
I’m calling from XYZ Insurance. I’m calling because my firm is offering free quotes for final expense insurance to customers in your area.
Our policies have small face values, small premiums, and can save you anywhere from $10 to 30,000 ,000 to cover any outstanding debts your family might face.


“What is Final Expense?”

Final Expense is a life insurance policy that covers burial expenses and any other debts or obligations you may have.  This can help your family deal with mortgages and funeral expenses without a hassle.

“How much will it cost”?

The policies are inexpensive and have only small monthly premiums.  We’d love to set up a time to meet and discuss how we can potentially save your family thousands of dollars.

What is the best time for an agent to call you tomorrow?

Great! I just need some basic information.

1. Verify name & address
2. Verify husband and wife age
3. Do you have any serious medical conditions?
3. Do either of you smoke or use tobacco products?

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