CPA & Accounting Telemarketing

Are you spending more time trying to acquire clients than managing your books and performing high-level accounting methods?

If so, you’re not alone.  Many CPAs can become bogged down with the role of salesperson, while their true value comes from performing excellent accounting practices.  As a result, accountants are turning to appointment setting companies to handle client acquisition.  Outsourcing appointment setting is without question a useful technique to bolster the promotion of your business.

Offshore appointment setters can perform cold calling and lead generation functions from a remote location, and past the associated cost savings along to you.  Outsourcing can also free up your time to both improve your service, and enjoy a breather here and there.

Your appointment setter will become a virtual employee of your firm, and can handle numerous tasks, including:

1. Reminding clients to submit payroll and tax forms.

2. Confirming scheduled meetings.

3. Soliciting referrals from present clients.

4. Cold calling small businesses and individuals who might handle accounting independently.

Cost Savings

The cost savings associated with outsourcing appointment setting are significant.  By contracting with a third party, you will not be required to pay benefits, vacation time, or sick leave.  You will also be able to avoid the overhead that comes with hiring someone internally, such as computer hardware and software expenses, telephone and internet, as well as any management fees or effort.

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