Contractor Telemarketing

Marketing can be a challenge for general contractors and home improvement companies.  Quite often, services are seasonal and weather dependent.  Demand comes with fits and starts, and perfecting a long term marketing strategy can be complicated.

Thus, engaging a third party call center to handle lead generation and appointment setting can provide the necessary flexibility to build your business.  Most appointment setting outsourcing services allow you start and pause your outbound campaign at will, and don’t require extensive obligations.  Outsourcing telemarketing will help you avoid the obligations and overhead that would be necessary to run campaigns in-house.  Most appointment setting services charge rates that are lower than what you would pay on your own, and don’t require set-up fees.

Additionally, many contractors don’t have the massive budgets required to apply broad based advertising campaigns.  By utilizing an outsourcing service, you can take advantage of a permanent entity for a temporary purpose.

Outsourcing services commonly assist companies in the following fields:


HVAC Repair

Landscaping and Lawn Care

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial

Carpet Cleaning

Water Damage & Extraction

Home Energy Savings


Telemarketing Scripts

Home Energy





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