Commercial Cleaning Script



Hello, it’s ___ calling from [Aardvark cleaning services].

I wanted to reach out and introduce Aardvark cleaning and I was hoping to speak with the person who handles your janitorial decisions. With whom should I speak?

Decision Maker

Hello Mr. Smith. It’s ______, and I’m with [Aardvark cleaning services].

ABC works with building owners and property managers to provide professional janitorial services. We specialize in delivering high quality commercial cleaning services to [restaurants and retail establishments]. [Bob’s Burgers] recently used our service to create a spotless customer setting.

I would like to schedule a time to discuss how we can help your company. Would Thursday at 3PM work for you?”


“We already have someone doing that.”

Wonderful. I’m not calling to interrupt your current service, but I’d like to see if we can drop by for 10-20 minutes to offer a competitive quote in the event that we can save you money.

“Not interested”

I understand. Would you be open to letting us drop by to give a quote should a need arise?


Commercial Cleaning Appointment Setters

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