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Time is Right for Roofing Contractors

As you are aware, every year hurricanes and tornadoes cause damage to homes and property all along the East Coast.  Volumes of homes are now in need of roofing repair, water extraction, and carpet cleaning.

For contractors, a silver lining comes with the unfortunate circumstances.  Many homeowners now need your services, and don’t know where to turn.  Now is an ideal time to get your name out to consumers in the affected areas by aggressively telemarketing and setting appointments with those in need.

When crafting a script, be sure to be sensitive to the plight of the consumers.  Stress the help, assistance, and value your service provides, and avoid looking like an opportunistic ambulance-chaser.  Be sensitive to the stress, pressure, and time constraints your customers may be facing.

Here is a sample script for roofing companies.