Become a Well-Oiled Appointment Setting Machine

With the expansion of internet penetration over the past decade, most consumers can easily obtain information from their cubicles or living rooms with a click of a button. The technological shift has transferred power from companies to individuals, as most will typically turn to Google to answer their questions, or to search for a product. Thus, outbound telemarketing has become increasingly challenging. However, telemarketing and appointment setting live on. Appointment setters are still asked to get through to decision-makers, and influence them to agree to a meeting.

To effectively get through to your prospects, you must take a few things into consideration:

1. Level With the Customer

Understand that he or she is not expecting your call, and yeah, you may be a bit of a nuisance. If you are cold calling a prospect…Be Nice! Crazy, right? The only way you are going to get enough time to be influential is if the person on the other end of the phone actually wants to speak with you.

2. Become an Authority

If you are new to the campaign, do some preliminary research to figure out a little more about your target market, and develop a thorough understanding of your product or service. If you are calling B2B prospects, spend some time learning industry lingo and verbage. If you don’t come across as knowledgeable in the slightest bit, the prospect will want to have nothing to do with you. Understanding your the pains of your prospect, and how your service will solve them will help show that you are adding value.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Write a script and role play with your colleagues. This will help you sound smooth and authoritative on the phone – even at the beginning of the campaign. Once you have spent a week or two on the phone, go back and tweak the script based on what you are hearing from customers. Eventually, you will get it to where it needs to be, and become a well-oiled appointment setting machine.


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