B2C Appointment Setting

While many people make the mistake of grouping them together, B2C and B2B telemarketing are different animals.  Business to consumer appointment setting involves dealing with customers in all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life.

Unlike business decision makers, individual consumers don’t need to take your call, and aren’t always as inclined to move quickly.  Thus, for your outbound telemarketing campaign to be successful, you must handle it appropriately.

In contrast to B2B, business to consumer telemarketers don’t have to deal with pesky gatekeepers.  However, agents must deal with distracted customers who might be eating dinner, watching television, or on the golf course.  You must prepare your campaign appropriately to reach out to the consumer market.


To avoid trouble, be sure that your lead list has been scrubbed via the Do Not Call registry.


Quite often, B2C telemarketing leads can include consumers who are not really interested in the product or do not understand the reason for the call. It is important to craft a quality script to help your appointment setters get results from each outbound call.

Call Recording

Ask the call center for call recordings to allow you to monitor your appointment setters for quality control.

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