Appointment Setting Scripts

When placing a cold call to an unexpecting prospect, you have as few as 10-15 seconds to deliver a hook, and get a hold of the customer’s attention span.  This moment can pass in the blink of an eye, and you probably won’t get a realistic second chance to make an impression.  The impression you create must be powerful enough to produce a memorable call. 

It comes down to preparation and communicating your message.  When writing a script, you must figure out a way to effectively target your message to each prospect’s needs.

Feel free to browse and use our sample cold calling scripts.  You should customize each script and make the tweaks necessary to drive home your message.  Here are some examples of great outbound telemarketing scripts for your industry:


Homeowners & Auto Insurance

General Insurance

Commercial Cleaning Script

Energy Savings Script

Roofing Repair Script

HVAC Script

Final Expense Insurance Script

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