SMB Appointment Setting

Cold calling into small to mid-sized businesses is considered to be the most basic form of B2B appointment setting.  Business owners often answer their phones and can be some of the easiest customers with whom you can get in touch.  There are many more small businesses than large corporations, so there is an essentially never ending list of prospects.  Sales contracts can be smaller and sales cycles shorter.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Regardless of talent or ability, appointment setters will always encounter a mountain of objections and rejection.  Those who meet and surpass expectations are those who effectively handle objections, and transform unsure listeners into interested prospects.

1.  Scripting

To get an outbound appointment setting campaign off to a good start, you should start with a quality script.  Quality scripts include a variety of leading questions that can easily be tailored to a particular prospect’s industry or interests.  Quality scripts also clearly define next steps and require commitment on the part of the prospect.

2.  Listening

While quality scripting is the first step towards appointment setting success, a telemarketers ability to listen can’t be matched.  Actively listening to prospects will show them that you care, are actually interested in what they have to say, and aren’t simply interested in setting up a fruitless, time-wasting meeting.  To be taken seriously, telemarketers must take their prospects seriously as well.

Furthermore, there are several other basic requirements for a telemarketer to achieve powerful results:

  • To drive growth, appointment setters must be driven to succeed and take an assertive and high-energy approach.
  • Successful SMB appointment setters must develop a consultative, customer focused attitude, and an ability take action.
  • They must make large volumes of calls and aggressively follow up with prospects who say they are not interested.
  • They must be able to effectively communicate sales presentations to promote your products or services.
  • Appointment setters must be abundantly aware of and well versed with the company’s value proposition, and be able to communicate these values to prospects.